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We are set on earning a reputation for our award winning Travel Trips.

The world is changing rapidly and our customers have higher expectations. They seek out new experiences and new adventures, and each one demands a different experience. We give them this through real understanding and expertise. It’s at the heart of all we do at NicheTravel4You. We operate on a global scale in order to seek and serve those expectations.

We strive to deliver extraordinary travel experiences for all our Niche brands

NicheTravel4You’s mission is to inspire people to explore the world and be the first choice for those wanting something distinctive. Generally our client is someone who has already travelled to mainstream destinations and wants to keep travelling to exotic and interesting long-haul destinations. He/she is well educated, relatively affluent and more interested in the ‘real’ authentic culture/nature.

We are proudly distinguish ourselves by having the only niche collection of travel brands in the world – our portfolio is exclusively focused on niche travel brands.

Each brand is individually operated, creating unique experiences that are centred around specific destinations, passions or themes, from a brand for high educated singles and hike adventures to wellness and luxury travel. Having these specific niches allows our brands to become best in class at what they do – many are industry leaders in their niche sector.

We are dedicated travel lovers; not being stuck at an office, we work remotely love to relax, but get s#!t done.

NicheTravel4you is currently the home to over 4 brands, each with its own Niche approach, character and independence. Life is different in each brand, but at NicheTravel4You there are certain values that we believe unite us all. Our corporate culture is not traditional as we do not have an office. We work around the world and have modern technologies to combine the ultimate work / private balance. Therefore, our staff does not have to commute to work and can enjoy family live and being happier to serve you as our client.


We love to work remotely and say cheers to old traditional marketing. Yes, we don’t have an office.. We like to be Free. We have personal skypes with you instead schedule face to face meetings. Saves time and money for both of us. We use the latest online technologies to show you our amazing inspirational brands.

Our dedicated travel specialists are exeptional passionate about travel and we love what we do. Whether you’re travelling for pleasure, business, or as part of a special theme, we’ll look after you with passion and dedication, no matter how unusual the group is or you as an individual.

NicheTravel4you has a specialist group travel tourguides who are able to manage groups of any sizes, big or small. Our tourguides specialists are on hand to help you with your group enquiries. Travel has taken the team to exciting destinations around the world. For our destination brands we have travel specialists to help you with personal travel itineraries and self guided tours.

We are eager to show you real authentic nature & culture destinations. Every year we search for a unique experience to be away from mass tourism. Our travelspecialists are trained to travel with norms & values to create trips for a lifetime experience. We create an experience 4YOU!